Goodness! Yesterday I gave feedback to the company on product rendering (that sounds so official) and finalized all the paperwork for copyright and trademark. My stomach is in butterflies!


Oh my!

All I can say is Oh My!
Just got a "yes!" email from one of my top three picks! My heart is racing. 
What now?


I wait.

In most of my life time is flying so fast I can't keep up. In this area of my life it is molasses. It has only been a month and two weeks since I sent proposals out and I was told to expect a six month wait. So truly I wait. I still have one company that is ready to rock and roll - thankful for that. One giving it serious thought - praying for that. One NO! - grateful to simple know and the for the rest of them I wait. 
I continue to pray for clarity in how the vision for this little project should get carried out. It sits in my thoughts always. 



I met my goal. 
The goal to get the proposal for Cravings into as many hands as possible by October 1st. 
After reading up on 100's of publishing houses that accept proposals for devotionals the list was narrowed down to 12. Yes, you read that correctly 100's down to 12. I also contacted 4 literary agents and 3 distribution houses that focus on gift items. 
So far I have one flat out "no", one "we are thinking about it", multiple we "will take a look" and one "let's go!". While it would be easy to jump on the "let's go" response I am choosing to wait. I want to hear from the rest and make sure I am making the best decisions for the project. As much as a "no" hurts the heart a bit I like it. It closes a door. Many of the places say it can take up to 6 months to hear from them. Therefore the prayer is for super speedy responses. 
As I am hearing back from them it is starting to hit me that once I agree to a publisher in a lot of ways this becomes theirs as much as mine. Not sure I am ready for that. It just stresses the importance of the right fit. 
There is always the option of bringing the project to fruition myself. But, I believe that would be a full time gig and quite the family investment. 
I am thrilled I met the goal, I check my email impatiently and I pray diligently. 
With Joy, Carey


Can I get a woot woot?

I ordered professionally printed sample cards of the post below and they got here today!
I LOVE them! Woot Woot!!!
Dear Jesus, please let this be what YOU want it to be. Cause I really like it. Amen 



The publishers proposal has been through 7 different editors...THANK YOU!
And is about to go for what will hopefully be the final round of edits. 
Sample cards have been complete and ordered. 
I am starting to get nervous excited! What if the vision becomes something? What if it becomes nothing?
If anything it is following through on a God given vision, right? Right!

front of card

back of card

** my friend Kristine has done an amazing job of bringing the graphic vision in my head to reality!
She is a gem. 


Baby Steps

I just finished crafting all the answers for one publishing house submission. Sent it off to be proofed by my mama and her school full of teachers. We will see what revisions/suggestions come back. Baby steps forward on the journey.